About Us

Established as a ‘not for profit’ association on September 17th, 1985 (Alberta Society #50332967-4) we later changed our name to “The Lac La Nonne Enhancement and Protection Association” in 1999 to reflect our new objectives as a community based Watershed Stewardship Group. In 2004 LEPA received charity status (Canada Charity #10758 3650 RR0001) to access additional funding sources to achieve our expanded mandate. LEPA is dedicated to engaging our members in projects and activities aimed at improving the lake and watershed. In addition we strive to educate our members and the public on the importance of responsible management of our natural areas through workshops, tours and newsletters.

Our membership is derived from the campers, cottagers, residents and visitors who inhabit the subdivisions of Chrystyna Beach, Greendale, Idle Hours Resort, Lac La Nonne South, Moonlight Bay, Moonlight Bay Estates, Mortensen Beach, Williams Beach, Winkleman Beach, Whiterock Beach, Murray’s Beach and the Summer Village of Birch Cove. And from the campgrounds and resorts: Camp Encounter, Elks Beach, Killdeer Beach, Willowbend Resort and the Seniors Lakeside Resort. Also included are the surrounding agriculture producers and businesses. 


The mission of the Lac LaNonne Enhancement and Protection Association (LEPA) is to preserve and enhance lac LaNonne and it’s surrounding habitat from environmental impacts for current and future generations.


Lac LaNonne Enhancement and Protection Association (LEPA) is an active, visible, respected example of success whereby everyone is striving to care for the lake and its surrounding area.


To protect the physical and biotic integrity and to prevent environmental damage to the area of land commonly known as “Lac La Nonne” in the Counties of Barrhead and Lac Ste. Anne and S.V. of Birch Cove in the Province of Alberta,

To ensure the preservation of the character and biological diversity of “Lac La Nonne” for educational and recreational purposes,

To encourage and promote nature-oriented and recreational activities,

Generally to encourage, foster and develop among its members and the public, recognition of the importance of environmental conservation and responsible management of natural areas with the least possible disruption when used by man.

To acquire lands by lease or otherwise, and to implement management or other plans to further objectives of the Association.



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