Annual Boat Regatta

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Past Activities

Wetland Education Day

The Lac LaNonne Enhancement and Protection Association (LEPA) has hosted the Annual Wetland Education and Watershed Awareness Day June 6, 2014

It was a successful day of learning for grade 4’s and 5’s of Rich Valley elementary school. Students and Teachers were bussed to Lac LaNonne for the day to do some serious learning about Lac LaNonne and the importance of the riparian area around it. Following the curriculum for Grade 5 science, students were able to visit a waterbody up close and personal to search and catch aquatic insects, identify them and understand their importance in life cycles. Water quality station allowed each student to take their own water sample and analyze it for pH, temperature, oxygen and turbidity, all important factors to help children understand dynamics of water quality in a lake. Chuck Hambling, Pest Control Officer with the county of Barrhead, enlightened children to many fur samples of animals found around Lac LaNonne and how they fit into the life cycle around a lake. Lorraine Taylor, Conservation Coordinator with Lac St Anne County , discussed riparian function and species found in riparian areas as she led the students on a hike along the edge of the lake. She also thought the students about invasive species. Penny Stephani, Agriculture Education Consultant, showed the students a Working Well model and discussed the importance of good management around waterwells and how groundwater actually ties in with surface water such as Lac LaNonne. This is a fantastic activity  for the students, it allowed them the opportunity to appreciate and think about the importance of water and the land surrounding it.


WATER CANNONS AND WATER BALLOONS – Pirates, Slime Busters, Hula girls and plain old fashion fun was the order of day Sunday August 30th 2009 as 36 odd crafts and some 150 plus individuals took part in the maiden voyage of the Lac La Nonne Boat Regalia (parade). Most “decked out” their boats and themselves in all forms of finery (regalia) from flags to princess outfits adding to the fun, colour and noise of our inaugural boat parade. Others sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the entertainment from the safety of shore.


Prizes were awarded to the DeZaeyer boat “The Duncan Road Slime Busters” for their groups originality and exuberance, to the Pelletier boat “Hula Girl” in the humorous category and to Barry Pelletier who kayaked entire parade. Considering this years short notice and the low water levels, participation was exceptional .

We can definitely call our first boat parade a GREAT SUCESS


ALBERTA LAKEWATCH – Alberta Lake Management Society – ALMS 

The Lakewatch Program is a community water quality testing program offered to concerned Albertans who are interested in collecting detailed information about their local lake or reservoir. ALMS technicians assist local volunteers to test Lac La Nonne 5 times during the summer, collecting important physical data such as water temperature, clarity and pH level. Once all the data is collected they produce a water quality report for the lake, including recommendations, that both educates lake users and guides water restoration and management efforts.

To view reports click of links below
LLN Lakewatch report 2008


Volunteers currently patrol the bird reserve and animal sanctuary on the north shore of Lac La Nonne to prevent damage that could be caused by motorized recreational vehicle traffic.

Barred Owl a eagles a