A non-profit registered society established in 1985 attaining charity status in 2004, our membership is derived from the campers, cottagers, residents and visitors who inhabit the subdivisions of Chrystyna Beach, Greendale Idle Hours Resort, Lac La Nonne South, Moonlight Bay, Moonlight Bay Estates, Mortensen Beach, Williams Beach, Winkleman Beach, Whiterock Beach, Murray’s Beach and the Summer and the Village of Birch Cove. And from the campgrounds and resorts: Camp Encounter, Elks Beach Campground, Killdeer Beach Resort, Willowbend Resort and the Seniors Lakeside Resort. Also included are the surrounding agriculture producers and businesses.

As a community based Watershed Stewardship Group, LEPA’s mandate is to preserve the biological integrity of the lakes and streams of the Lac La Nonne Watershed and to protect it from environmental damage. We encourage among our members and the public, recognition of the importance of responsible management of our natural areas

Area residents (agricultural and recreational) of the Lac La Nonne watershed (see map) are working together to promote and improve the utilization and sustainability of Lac La Nonne watershed resources – Kakina Lake, Lac La Nonne, Majeau Lake, Nakamun Lake, Tamarach Lake and their creeks and streams. LEPA volunteers in partnership with local, provincial and federal agencies are carrying out stewardship projects to improve and sustain the water quality of the watershed. Positive results are being obtained at a minimal cost to all the watershed stakeholders.

Lac La Nonne Watershed